CHOZEN | Retreat

ChoZen’s mission is to inspire action to protect mother nature and all of its inhabitants, becoming a catalyzer of awareness for the fragility of our planet. ChoZen spaces and experiences are an invitation for thought leaders and change-makers across all disciplines and backgrounds to honor themselves and nature as a path to restore the balance between the planet and humanity. The ChoZen architectural philosophy takes into consideration the full ecosystem in which it exists to build and create in integrity with its natural environment. Our sustainable design and eco-friendly amenities are enchanting places to experience serenity with little to no impact on the environment. Come discover yourself in nature and participate in a climate-positive lifestyle.

    ChoZen is an eco-retreat sanctuary nestled along the banks of the St. Sebastian river & nature preserve. Our aim is to build a sustainable future for people and the environment in which we all coexist in harmony. come experience the deep, healing power of nature and community. Take a journey along the ChoZen path with us.

  • Opening: Opening Winter 2023

    Address: ChoZen Retreat – 10895 Roseland Rd, Sebastian, Florida, 32958, United States

    Telephone: +1 305 204 2543