Carving new pathways for ethical, free-spirited fashion. 

In the heart of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, generations of Mayan artisans have woven a rich tapestry of traditions through textiles and art. CARAVANA's origins lie in the respect and appreciation for these ingenious techniques, and this heritage remains an integral part of our identity. We champion cultural respect and social responsibility while embracing this legacy.

Each piece and accessory we offer is meticulously handcrafted in our workshops in Valladolid and Turkey, where hours of skill and care go into every creation. Since our inception, CARAVANA has woven a new narrative in the fashion world, upholding the enchantment and traditions of artisanal craftsmanship. Our attire carries profound meaning and purpose, honouring the unique human touch of our artisans.

CARAVANA’s journey through culture imbues each garment with functionality and emotional significance. We believe that what you wear is an extension of who you are. We create our pieces to inspire our community to curate a fashion experience that celebrates diversity and their free-spirited expressions. 

Our artisanal processes prioritize sustainability and waste reduction. Our dyes aren't industrial; they're homemade in Mexico and Turkey, minimizing environmental impact. We partner with a leading Mexican brand specializing in non-industrial home textile dyes.

We are also involved in social initiatives, including dyeing workshops, savings programs, and creating self-employment opportunities for customers, all while exploring eco-friendly solutions. Even our dyeing process is a handcrafted affair, using products certified as non-toxic by the Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACM) in the USA.

Each piece has meaning and purpose revealing magical and mysterious ways the wisdom of our ancestors. CARAVANA studies the ancient knowledge of the shamans and incorporates those concepts into all the pieces. The search for culture provides each garment with functionality, meaning, and magic.

Our artisanal processes ensure less waste and mass production. The dye that we use is not an industrial dye, it is a homemade dye manufactured in Mexico, which means less environmental impact on nature. We use a leading brand in Mexico in non-industrial home textile dyes. The company we work with is involved with social initiatives such as dyeing workshops, savings generation, self-employment for all customers and they are also developing ecological lines. The dyeing process is also handmade and the supplier’s products used are certified as no-toxicity by the ACM (Art and Creative Materials Institute) from the USA.