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Muuch Leather Bag

Muuch Leather Bag

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For small treasures, MUUCH is a beautiful addition to your collection of CARAVANA. This pouch is the perfect home for your crystals, talismans, or essential oils


Our leather, chrome-free and vegetable-tanned, is ethically sourced within Mexico and Türkiye from TIF Certified partners and tanneries and is a by-product of the livestock industry. The journey and process of our leather elevates sustainability and cleaner waste management.


Explore CARAVANA’s collection with ease, which includes free shipping and returns. Receive handmade attire to your doorstep without additional costs, and if you feel your purchase wasn’t ultimately what you wanted, connect with us via our Customer Service pop-up chat to speak with our team to assist you. 

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    Craftmanship with a human essence is what brings our attire to life by the hands of our artisans. Each garment's story begins with them, and continues through you, the wearer.


    The most beautiful thread of our tapestry is the global community of artisans crafting our pieces. Through them, we humbly weave a story highlighting artisanship, cultural beauty, and diversity.


    CARAVANA’S vision of the future is green. With the wellbeing of our planet at the forefront, our artisanal methods and natural resource optimization makes our collections rare and limited. Our commitment to the earth is a vital part of our ever-evolving story.


    At CARAVANA, we strive to uphold cultural respect and social responsibility. All our pieces and accessories are handmade in our workshop in Valladolid (Mexico) each taking many hours to create. In a world so industrialized, CARAVANA commits to preserving t